Runecast | Software-defined expertise | Proactive analysis for VMware | Blog

Runecast | Software-defined expertise | Proactive analysis for VMware | Blog

Runecast | Software-defined expertise | Proactive analysis for VMware | Blog

Getting started with Runecast Analyzer REST API

Runecast Analyzer was released on June 13, right before the VMUG UserCon in Frankfurt, Germany. It includes minor bug fixes, added new KB definitions, improved Best Practices and Security Hardening checks and a feature which was requested by many of our customers – API. In this article, I’m going to show how you can perform REST request to Runecast Analyzer from vRO.

Runecast Analyzer or above

Each REST request against Runecast more...

16-06-2017 07:48

Runecast Partner update

This post is a quick update on our global expansion via our partner network. I am delighted to welcome 6 new partners to our partner network!

Keller Schroeder and Emergent Networks in the US, Comparex in the UK, Idicos in Germany Coming Computer Engineering in Serbia andmore...

31-05-2017 06:45

Runecast Raises €1.6 Million Series Seed to Bring VMware® Predictive Analytics to 99% of Fortune 1000 Companies

LONDON, PRAGUE, BRATISLAVA - March 31 2017. - Runecast today announced its successful Series Seed fundraising from leading Central European investors Credo Ventures, Prague, and Limerock Fund Manager, Bratislava.

Runecast is the provider of real-time monitoring and predictive analytics for VMware environments. The company transforms VMware’s Knowledge Base into machine-readable predictive action points. The unique solution helps customers switch their VMware maintenance from reactive to predictive. As a result, they reduce outages, increase security and more...

04-04-2017 07:59

AGORA plus workshop – Security in compliance with GDPR



This month we were happy to participate in the AGORA plus workshop.

Along with Runecast Analyzer, during the workshop were presented the latest technologies from leading Storage vendors like Dell EMC and Fujitsu, and also the new Windows Server 2016 and practical experience with its deployment. AGORA plus and the vendors spoke about solutions how to effectively face ransomware and DDoS attacks, how to optimise and secure VMware and how to more...

28-03-2017 10:00

Case Study - Brigham Young University


Brigham Young University utilizes Runecast Analyzer to increase performance and mitigate outages risk


Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-Idaho) is a private, four-year university affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Guided by that affiliation, BYU-Idaho seeks to create a wholesome learning environment in which students can strengthen their commitment to their faith and receive a quality education that prepares them for leadership in the home, the community, and the workplace. Founded in 1888, BYU-Idaho has more...

23-03-2017 10:00

Runecast Analyzer 1.5 Delivers New Customer Driven Enhancements

LONDON, UK - March 7 2017 – Runecast, a leading provider of predictive analytics for VMware® vSphere® environments, today announced the availability of the latest version of Runecast Analyzer.

Runecast Analyzer is a proactive VMware vSphere management solution that installs as an OVA format virtual appliance. Runecast Analyzer uses current VMware Knowledge Base articles and Runecast expertise to analyze the virtual infrastructure and expose potential issues and best practice violations, before they cause major outages.

Version 1.5 delivers more...

07-03-2017 10:00

Case study - Indonesian Cloud


Indonesian Cloud increases efficiency and audit readiness

Established in 2011, Indonesian Cloud is an independent cloud service provider, specializing in the delivery of managed IT services based around the principle of on-demand, dynamic, and pay-per-use. As a company with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and responsible business practices, Indonesian Cloud is guided by its mission, which is to be Indonesia’s most trusted, most reliable, and most secure local cloud provider. Indonesian Cloud operates under a publicly published company code of more...

04-02-2017 02:25

London VMUG - a great start of 2017



The first VMUG London for 2017 took place on a sunny Thursday, January 19th, at the familiar techUK location.
This was only my second VMUG in London but I already felt like I met most of the people. I like how strong and well-formed the local community is. You can notice it especially during the sessions - lots of insightful questions and more...

26-01-2017 07:22

Year in review



Looking back at 2016, we see a year that has brought many global changes. If we wanted to summarize what this year was all about for Runecast - it would be: develop, sell, expand, repeat.
Runecast Solutions has started 2016 by receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback for its flagship product, Runecast Analyzer. From VMUGs in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Prague and Brno to VMworld in Las Vegas and Barcelona, whenever VMware enthusiasts heard about the benefits Runecast Analyzer has to offer, high praise was never far behind. After the more...

22-12-2016 13:06

Improved scheduler in new Runecast Analyzer v1.0.0.30!



Not long ago we released Runecast Analyzer and introduced the new annotations functionality.

Guess what! We are already at v1.0.0.30!

Why are we releasing new builds so often? Well, on one hand, the VMware Knowledge Base is being update all the time - there are new documented issues and some of the older KBs are being updated too. We want to make sure you are more...

28-07-2016 03:02

ESXi 6.0 host disconnects from vCenter Server with smartd enabled



In case you are already running ESXi 6.0, be aware of VMware KB2145106. It describes an issue where ESXi 6.0 gets disconnected and appears as Not Responding in vCenter. Currently, there is no resolution, apart from disabling the SMART deamon (smartd).

SMART features provide valuable statistics for monitoring of HDDs and SDDs. For more information on SMART, check out this article by Cormac Hogan more...

26-07-2016 04:18

Announcing Notes in Runecast Analyzer v1.0.0.29



We are announcing a new Notes feature as part of Runecast Analyzer v1.0.0.29 released last week. Now admins can easily annotate any KB issue, Best Practice and Security Hardening. This brings a new way to customize your Runecast Analyzer and enrich the analysis results. Until now, you could add notes only to the Filters you create, when you disable issues reported on the whole environment or just subset of the inventory. But what if you need to mark an issue without filtering it out completely?

Here is a typical use case:

The VMware team is more...

28-06-2016 01:50

ESXi 5.x fails with PSOD when using E1000 or E1000e adapters!



E1000 and E1000e are quite commonly used virtual network adapters for VMs in vSphere. Although VMXNET3 is the VMware recommended adapter, E1000 and E1000e are feasible alternatives.

  • E1000 is an emulated version of the Intel 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet NIC.
  • E1000e is an emulated version of the Intel Gigabit NIC 82574 Ethernet NIC.

Be aware that using either E1000 or E1000e on an ESXi 5.x host can pose a serious danger, depending on your host patch level.

ESXi can crash with purple diagnostic screen as more...

15-06-2016 04:29

ESXi 6.0 Update 2 fails with PSOD!



VMware released ESXi 6.0 Update 2 on 16-MAR-2016. It included nice improvements (VSAN 6.2, HTML5 host client, ...) and bug fixes and a number of customers are already at the latest version.

Those who are quick to update should be aware of a new critical issue logged in the VMware KB 2144968, published originally on 16-APR-2016. Your ESXi 6.0 U2 more...

20-04-2016 06:07

Proactive vSphere analysis based on VMware KBs


Proactive vSphere analysis based on VMware KBs


This article's purpose is to shed more light on the benefits of using the VMware KBs (Knowledge Base articles) in a proactive way - aimed at improving system resilience and performance. This can be achieved by minimizing the likelihood of service-impacting incidents or events from occurring and/or to more...

29-03-2016 07:32

See how many KBs are applicable in your environment