VMUG Meeting CZ

There couldn't be a better way to wrap up 2017 than attending a VMUG meeting in our homeland, Czech Republic. This time the meeting featured major players in the virtualization community, such as Duncan Epping, Mark Brookfield, Andrew Mauro, David Pasek and others. 


Duncan Epping kicked it off quickly with a great speech about vSAN.

Mark Brookfield, a.k.a. Virtual Hobbit picked it up with a presentation on how to move code from dev to prod using vRealize Automation and Code Stream. 

Towards the end of the day it was our turn to present and we were very pleased to know that a lot of attendees had already tried Runecast Analyzer before. Stanimir briefed attendees on recently introduced Runecast Analyzer features, such as multi-vCenter supportfull APIs, Web Client and vRO plugins and access levels. Ivaylo Ivanov picked it up to give a quick demo and demonstrate all these features in action. Michal Hrnčiřík finished the session with a quick dive into Runecast Analyzer plans.

Left to right: Stanimir Markov, Ivaylo Ivanov, Michal Hrnčiřík.

We finished the day in a good company of both organizers and speakers having the most Czech specialty of them all - a pint of beer.

Left to right: David Pasek (VMware), Michal Hrnčiřík (Runecast), Ivaylo Ivanov (Runecast), Manfred Hofer (VMware), Nikita Palchikov (Runecast), Andrea Mauro (vinfrastructure.it), Paolo Valsecchi (nolabnoparty.com), Karel Novak (Czech VMUG Leader), Stanimir Markov (Runecast).

All in all, VMUG meeting Prague was a great event. A special thank you goes out to organizers for inviting Runecast and making it all happen. What used to be a small local event now resembles a UserCon. 

05-12-2017 00:00

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