Your logs have many things to tell you

The ESXi logs contain a lot of important information related to the events and state of the vSphere environment. Usually, it is hard to make sense of the huge amount of logs and to filter out the relevant information. Runecast Analyzer acts as a syslog server and collects the logs from your ESXi hosts and virtual machines (the log entries that are usually stored only in the vmware.log file of each VM folder).

Runecast parses the logs in real time and filters out the important entries. It scans for specific log patterns that indicate issues described in the VMware Knowledge Base articles. Runecast Analyzer is the only product for VMware that will discover the exact problem in the logs in real time and point you to the resolution.

Additionally, Runecast filters out based on important predicates, such as FailedTo, SCSI_command, NMP, Unableto, Error, shell. By using the graphic charts in Verbose Dashboards, you can get quick visibility into your logs and spot any increase of number of relevant log entries. For example, you can quickly see all ESXi shell activity within a selected period of time. Runecast offers an elaborate search functionality that can make navigating through your logs even easier.

With the Log Analysis feature you can:

  • Discover known issues based on log patterns described in the VMware Knowledge Base and get recommendations on how to resolve them
  • Trigger automatic syslog configuration for your ESXi hosts and VMs to ensure logs are sent to the Runecast Analyzer appliance
  • Retain important logs
  • Navigate through your logs using the responsive graphic charts and elaborate search options
  • Configure log retention in days and in GB

Runecast takes only a couple of minutes to deploy and configure. Read more on Quick and Secure Deployment.

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