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Automated VMware expertise

Proactively use VMware KBs, best practices and security hardening guidelines to protect your environment

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Get peace of mind with Runecast Analyzer

Reduce the time spent on troubleshooting and worrying about outages and audits. Focus on innovation instead.

Avoid outages

Majority of the issues occurring on vSphere environments every day can be avoided. Be proactive with Runecast!

Save time

Reduce the time spent on troubleshooting, security hardening and Best Practices health-checks. Get intelligence from your logs.

Be more secure

Runecast recommends improvements to your security using official vSphere Security Hardening Guides. All data stays on premise!

Continuous Compliance

Regular known issue definition updates, scheduled analyses and event alerting ensure you stay compliant and protected all the time.

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Runecast Analyzer

is easy to use, is secure, is proactive, deploys in minutes

VMware KB Scan

Discover hidden issues in your vSphere environment by using the current VMware Knowledge Base articles. Avoid service outages.
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Compliance Checks

Ensure compliance by running Best Practices fit gap analysis report and continuous Security Hardening checks.
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Log Analysis

Collect, retain and navigate through your virtual infrastructure logs. Runecast scans in real time and finds problems leading to VMware Knowledge Base articles.
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Quick and Secure Deployment

Deploy the pre-installed appliance in OVA format and connect it to your vCenter to start the analysis. Runecast will not send any data out of your datacenter.
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Leverage our expertise

The team behind Runecast Analyzer consists of highly skilled, virtualization experts - Decades of expertise are available to you.

Stanimir Markov
  • - VCDX (#74)
  • - Mentor VCI
  • - Architect
  • - Redbook author
Stanimir Markov


Aylin Sali
  • - VMware vExpert
  • - Automation focus
  • - Lean Six Sigma
Aylin Sali


Constantin Ivanov
  • - VMware vExpert
  • - Swiss-army knife of programming
  • - Blogger
Constantin Ivanov

Lead Developer

Ched Smokovic
  • - Business development
  • - Market expert
  • - ITIL v3
  • - Customer funnel
Ched Smokovic

VP Sales

Ionut Radu
  • - VMware vExpert
  • - Big Data analytics
  • - VCAP-DCA
  • - Hyper-V certified
Ionut Radu

Data Engineer

Petr Heyduk
  • - Project lead
  • - Investment manager
  • - Startup advisor
Petr Heyduk

Program manager

Eugen Ivanov
  • - HTML+CSS+JS jedi
  • - Apache+PHP fun
  • - FrontEnd developer
Eugen Ivanov

FrontEnd developer

Marek Duris
  • - VMware vExpert
  • - ITIL v3
  • - Agile operations admirer
Marek Duris

Operations Manager

Jane Rimmer
  • - VMware vExpert
  • - Virtualization and Cloud marketing guru
  • - Social Media Addict
Jane Rimmer

Strategic Advisor

your photo
  • - DevOps(Linux & Elastic) engineer
  • - Java developer
  • - Data Scientist
  • - UI/UX Designer/Developer
  • - VMware engineer
  • - Senior Marketing Manager
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