Automated VMware expertise

Proactively use VMware KBs, best practices and security hardening guidelines to protect your environment

Get peace of mind with Runecast Analyzer

Reduce the time spent on troubleshooting and worrying about outages and audits. Focus on innovation instead.

Avoid outages

Majority of the issues occurring on vSphere environments every day can be avoided. Be proactive with Runecast!

Save time

Reduce the time spent on troubleshooting, security hardening and Best Practices health-checks. Get intelligence from your logs.

Be more secure

Runecast recommends improvements to your security using official vSphere Security Hardening Guides. All data stays on premises!

Continuous Compliance

Regular known issue definition updates, scheduled analysis and event alerting ensure you stay compliant and protected all the time.

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Runecast Analyzer

is easy to use, is secure, is proactive, deploys in minutes

Automate VMware Expertise

Runecast provides proactive fault avoidance to minimize the risk of virtualized datacenter downtime and security breaches. The Analyzer is an automated system that correlates VMware vSphere and vSAN configurations and logs with the official VMware repository of known issues, best practices and security auditing rules. Runecast Analyzer protects your business 24/7 with the knowledge of VMware certified experts for a fraction of the expert cost.

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Save on Troubleshooting

Runecast Analyzer detects 99% of the known issues and for the remaining ones and troubleshooting it comes up with smart and automatic log analysis. Smart VMware log can detect existing problems and it also helps significantly reduce time of troubleshooting by pre-defined VMware search patterns.

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Maximize Security

For many IT departments, security auditing and compliance are continuous and expensive challenges. Runecast Analyzer automates security auditing and regular inspections of your VMware assets and their logs thanks to the always up-to-date VMware knowledge base, VMware’s Security Hardening Guide and other security standards, such as DISA-STIG.

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Minimize Risk

Runecast Analyzer identifies when singular or multiple combinations of components in your VMware datacenter stack are vulnerable. By identifying known potential issues, Runecast enables IT operations teams to get in front of faults, already armed with the specific VMware solution, and prevent outages before they happen.

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Quick and Secure Deployment

VMware and VM experts take best practice recommendations very seriously because they know these are essential to keeping data centers reliable, fast and well protected. Runecast Analyzer reduces this normally very time consuming operation to a simple routine with an exact and well defined list of action items for your IT team. Additionally, Runecast can seamlessly integrate with your familiar VMware management tools.

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